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Challenge #1 – Day 1

Today marked the first day of my attempt to quit smoking. I had been dreading this day for quite a while. Frankly, the process of quitting sucks and I was not looking forward to the cravings and the inability to satisfy those cravings. Though I know that this is something I absolutely must do, my life depends on it.

In actuality, my first day was easier than I had expected. I allowed myself 7 cigarettes today at 9:45 AM, 11:15 AM, 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 7:30 PM, 10:00 PM, and my last one will be at 12:00 tonight. Typically, on a day when I am not working (like today) I smoke every hour on the hour. I’m actually proud of myself for sticking to my guns!


Challenge #1

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The Challenge: During this time period, I resolve to quit smoking.

The History: I’m 29 now, I started smoking when I was 22. I know, that sounds like a late age to pick up smoking. So what made me start?

It all started after one Thirsty Thursday. While walking home from the bar with a friend, I took one quick drag from her cigarette, only one. I’d do the same thing during subsequent late nights, though each time, I’d take more puffs. Then one night, I decided to buy a pack of Reds for myself. I started off slow, smoking three cigarettes a day, but the urge to smoke grew, leading to my current habit of about ½ to ¾ of a pack each day.

The Reasons:

  1. The price of cigarettes now is crazy! Each time I buy a pack I spend around $8.50 and that isn’t even the most expensive price one could pay.
  2. Smoking can lead to a colossal assortment of health issues. I already find myself getting winded after walking up one flight of stairs!
  3. Smoking does nothing for your skin, teeth, and nails.

The Benefits: Once I quit, I will be able to breathe better, I will have more money in my pocket, I won’t feel the need to go outside in the cold or the rain,  my skin will look better, my teeth will look better, and most importantly, I will extend my life expectancy!

The Plan: Quitting cold turkey is extremely difficult. I would like to taper off the cigarettes gradually. I also have a bit of an edge with Wellbutrin, which is often prescribed to aid in smoking cessation. Additionally, I plan on using the vast amount of internet resources to aid in my decision to quit.

The Time Period: I think this challenge should take about three weeks.

Let me introduce myself…

For a long time, I’ve wanted to start a blog, but I’ve never been able to come up with a topic. Around two years ago, I got a great idea! Why not write about my New Year’s resolution and my struggle to stay true to it?  But how often can one write about staying on task for one year?  This dilemma led to a modified version: make a new resolution each week (or slightly longer time period).  After quite a bit of stalling, I finally feel ready to attempt these tasks.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m Cee, I’m 29 years old.  I have a long list of characteristics and habits that I’d like to change about myself. By writing this, I’m hoping to get support and maybe help others who would like to change themselves. Everything else you need to know you’ll see in future posts. Thanks for stopping by!