Challenge #1

Lit cigarette

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The Challenge: During this time period, I resolve to quit smoking.

The History: I’m 29 now, I started smoking when I was 22. I know, that sounds like a late age to pick up smoking. So what made me start?

It all started after one Thirsty Thursday. While walking home from the bar with a friend, I took one quick drag from her cigarette, only one. I’d do the same thing during subsequent late nights, though each time, I’d take more puffs. Then one night, I decided to buy a pack of Reds for myself. I started off slow, smoking three cigarettes a day, but the urge to smoke grew, leading to my current habit of about ½ to ¾ of a pack each day.

The Reasons:

  1. The price of cigarettes now is crazy! Each time I buy a pack I spend around $8.50 and that isn’t even the most expensive price one could pay.
  2. Smoking can lead to a colossal assortment of health issues. I already find myself getting winded after walking up one flight of stairs!
  3. Smoking does nothing for your skin, teeth, and nails.

The Benefits: Once I quit, I will be able to breathe better, I will have more money in my pocket, I won’t feel the need to go outside in the cold or the rain,  my skin will look better, my teeth will look better, and most importantly, I will extend my life expectancy!

The Plan: Quitting cold turkey is extremely difficult. I would like to taper off the cigarettes gradually. I also have a bit of an edge with Wellbutrin, which is often prescribed to aid in smoking cessation. Additionally, I plan on using the vast amount of internet resources to aid in my decision to quit.

The Time Period: I think this challenge should take about three weeks.


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