Challenge #1 – Day 3

So, it’s my third day of this smoking cessation business. Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I’ve tapered down my daily cigarette intake each day. Today, I am smoking 6 cigarettes. (FYI: I am a night owl, I go to bed late. It may seem like it should be day 4, however, I do not consider it a new day until after I’ve gone to bed.)

Yesterday, I worked. When I’m working, I don’t smoke as much, it’s just not convenient to have to leave my desk, walk out to the street, and smoke. Today though, it’s been a different story. While I was getting ready for work (and having my first cigarette of the day at 1:00 PM), my supervisor called and offered me the night off. I was more than happy to take her up on her offer! Soon after that, I knew it would be a challenge. How will I make it through this entire day on only 6 cigarettes, without my eight-hour break (work)?

Bucket o' Butts

My "bucket o' butts". It's a metal beer bucket that I use as an ashtray. It's about 3/4 full of cigarettes I've smoked. Gross, huh? I can't wait to get rid of this thing.

I did it though! It is now 12:36 AM and I still have 2 cigarettes left to smoke. I am not experiencing intense cravings. I’m proud of myself. Tomorrow may be a bit of a struggle for me, as my daily ration will be reduced to 5 cigarettes. We shall see…


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