Challenge #3

The Challenge: During this time period, I resolve to observe my eating habits.

The History: The earliest I can recall keeping a food journal was when I joined Weight Watchers for the first time. That was in October of 1998. Since then, I’ve tried several times to monitor my food intake and I’ve lost interest.

The Reasons: I can’t find the actual source, but I remember hearing at a Weight Watchers meeting that people who journal tend to lose more weight than people who do not. 

The Benefits: Keeping a food diary will allow me to really think about what I’m putting into my body. Think about it, how often do you mindlessly eat, just throwing food into your mouth? If you’re like me, you do it constantly.

I also want to monitor my feelings about food. I never stop to think about how I feel before or after eating. I want to start asking myself:

  • How hungry am I?
  • Why do I feel the need to eat? (emotional, physical, etc.)
  • How do I feel after eating?

The Plan: This will be easy enough, if I can just keep up with it. I plan to keep a small notebook with me and write in it when I feel the need to. Eventually, I’d like to design a template to use each week.

Just one of my many attempts at keeping a food journal.



*This is not a diet, this is a way to get me ready for upcoming changes to my diet.

The Time Period: This week will focus on the food journal only, but I intend to make it a permanent addition to my life (like quitting smoking)!


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