Challenge #3 – Day 2

Grilled Five-Cheese Sandwich. With recipe!

Image by pirateyjoe via Flickr

I’m not going to bore you by writing my list of everything I ate today, however, I will present you with some highlights. I started the day the way I usually start it, with an iced caramel latte at 9:45 AM. Honestly, I drink way to many of them. I hate the taste of whole milk, so I always have skim, but there still has to be a significant amount of calories considering there’s caramel in there.

So anyway, I have my latte, and probably 75% of the time, I don’t eat breakfast. So, how am I still fat? Good question. After that I noticed at about 1:30 PM, I was feeling pretty hungry, growling-stomach hungry. I saw someone eating grilled cheese, so I just had to get two for lunch, plus some rice pilaf. I love rice pilaf!

Here’s what I’ve noticed about myself. I will eat and keep eating even if I don’t like what I’m eating. The grilled cheese today wasn’t good. It was lousy. My college used to make delicious grilled cheese. The grilled cheese today was cold and they don’t even use real butter. What’s up with that?

So, anyway, despite this craptastic grilled cheese, I ate everything. I’ve also noticed that I eat very fast, barely taking time to breathe between bites.

When I was supposed to be having dinner at 5:30 PM, I ended up eating a delicious piece of chocolate cake. It was spectacular! When I eat dessert, I tend to savor every bite, eating slowly and enjoying myself.

I bought myself another latte on the way home from work at 8:00 PM. I didn’t eat anything at home until about 11:30 PM when I popped some popcorn and ate the whole bag. Mind you, this was not one of those individual bags.

So, what habits have I noticed? Well, I eat too fast, for one thing. I also eat in excess of what I should. My meals aren’t well balanced and some meals are non-existent. Just some things I need to work on.


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