Challenge #4 – Day 3

Okay, so I can’t really say that I’m failing. I have been eating three meals each day and really, that’s what I resolved to do. However, I’m eating way too much. I don’t know if I should be beating myself up about it or if I should be happy that I’m eating three meals. Honestly, I’m not eating more than I usually eat.

The thing is, I want to eat less than I usually eat. I have several goals in mind that I’d like to succeed at while writing this blog. The goal that I really, really want to achieve is to lose weight. I feel like losing weight will bring about a number of positive changes to my life.

So, my dilemma is: how do I resist temptation and eat like a normal person? Please, let me know if you have any ideas, I’d like any advice you can give me.


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