May 11

I went to Weight Watchers today.  I’m excited to say that I only gained 0.2 pounds after skipping last week and going on a serious eating binge.  See, I’m trying to be positive! Honestly, I was so certain that I was going to gain at least 2 pounds, so to see that I only went up two-tenths was a relief.  I’m proud to say I’m back on track and staying within my daily points target.  I hope, in the next couple of weeks, to see a total loss of 15 pounds.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!  I still feel pretty good and I can tell that my pants fit looser.  In fact, my pants kind of look ridiculous right now, as they hang off my butt.

Not much is new since I last posted.  I’m pleased to announce that I’ve decided on what I would like to go to grad school for.  I’m going to get a mathematics-related degree.  I really enjoy math and all the figuring and hard work that goes into it.  I feel so accomplished when I’ve arrived at an answer!

However, I’m not quite sure how to get back to school.  Before I can get into grad school, I’ll need to take about 4 pre-reqs, as well as, get a decent score on the GRE.  I’m already studying for the test, so I’m not super-worried about that.  I am worried about the courses though because I don’t know how I will ever afford to take those classes.  Sadly, I’m that broke.  I would feel so much better about myself if I were taking classes.  I would finally feel like I’m doing something with my life.

Speaking of my life, I would really like to have a social-life.  I’m going to ask for some advice here.  How exactly, do I meet people now that I’m not in school?  It is so difficult now.  I want to meet new people, but it’s not like I’m around my peers all the time like I was when I was in college or even high school.

I desperately want to have friends that I can call and hang out with.  It would be so much healthier.  I envy those people who can just charm everyone around them.  How do they do it?  Why am I so socially inept?  Am I destined to be friend-less?


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