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Challenge #2 (Again) – Day 3


Whisper (Photo credit: Chris Sgaraglino)


Today was technically my 3rd day of avoiding gossip.  It was very easy to do yesterday because I wasn’t working.  Today I went back to work and of course, the gossip was in full effect.  I really didn’t participate too much, though I must admit that I listened.  That is one really good thing about being quiet, I’m an excellent listener (as long as it is something I want to hear).


The gossip today was about how our co-worker was acting aloof towards our unit because someone had mentioned that she saw said co-workers music video on Youtube.  This coworker, *Frank, assumed that everyone on our unit was making fun of him.  So Frank, who used to be super-friendly, is now distant whenever he comes to the unit.  According to  my co-worker, *Jeff, Frank sent a note to another co-worker, *Susan, saying it was wrong of her to share the video.  This is not the most juciest of gossip, but for this small group it will suffice for the day.


I’ll continue to avoid participating in the gossip circle, but I can’t say I’m going to stop listening! Next week, I promise to come up with a resolution that is not as lazy as this one.