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A Milestone Week Despite Some Setbacks

This week I reached a small milestone…I lost 1.6 pounds and I am now under 220 pounds (99.8 kg)!  This is really big and important to me.  For the past 4½ years, my weight has lingered around the 230-250 area.  Approximately 5 years ago, I made a big move back home (after living by myself in another state for a year).  The move was necessary to retain my sanity, yet it took a toll on my physical health.  I won’t go into any more details, but that is when my weight began to climb.  This milestone I reached today makes me feel that once again, I am headed in the right direction, I just need to get other areas of my life straightened out.

I am proud to say that I am continuing to follow the blogilates website and workout calendar and I am feeling a little bit stronger in performing some of the moves.  My next step forward, in achieving a healthy lifestyle, will be to return to the Y.  I continue to may my expensive membership fee, but I’m not going.  The truth is, I’m scared.  I know it’s irrational, but I am afraid that I will start working out and the gym-rats around me will all laugh at me.  I can admit this because I did a search and discovered that other people are afraid of this as well.  I’m going to keep trying to push myself to return and I know someday it’ll happen.  It would be so beneficial to be around other people.

It’s obvious that everything hasn’t been all “peachy-keen”.  There’s actually an issue that’s been bothering me for several weeks, and I just haven’t felt like bringing it up.  It’s regarding Steve again, so if you don’t want to listen to me whine about the-one-that-got-away, I totally understand, you can quit reading now.

Back in March or February of this year, Steve posted on my Facebook timeline about an event, he wrote “I thought of you” with a link to said event.  For months, I’d been hoping he’d contact me to invite me to go with him.  He never contacted me, so I figured, he’s so busy, he probably can’t go.  So, on the night of the event, I went on Facebook like usual, and lo-and-behold, my newsfeed shows a status update from him about the event.

Needless to say, I was very upset.  I’ve been with him to similar events before, he couldn’t have just invited me.  I immediately felt that feeling, like a punch in the gut, that I get whenever I feel slighted.  I didn’t expect him to hurt me like that, but I know I should expect it, he’s not the same person I knew several years ago.  I cannot wait until I lose 60 pounds (my halfway point).  I’m going to put a picture on Facebook of my progress and hopefully, he’ll feel regret for not keeping in touch with me.  But of course, I often fantasize about the way I want things to go and when it actually happens, it doesn’t pan out like I’d hoped.

I’d like to end this post in a positive/funny way.  Today I went to a department store and purchased some typical household items (shampoo, sunscreen, etc.) and some personal lubricant.  Yes, I admit it, I purchased tingling lubricant, figuring it’d just be a quick buy and the cashier would scan it and just throw it in the bag, not paying much attention to my purchases.  The cashier scanned my items, I payed.  Then, when she handed me the bag, she said “Have fun!”  I have to wonder what she meant by that.  Was she telling me to enjoy my lube?



Incentive Purchase

By now, if you’ve read some of my posts, you’ve most-likely noticed that I’m pretty random.  I tend to talk about anything and everything that pops into my head.  I’d started this blog to document the positive changes I’ve planned to make but it’s pretty much become an online journal and that’s okay with me.  I don’t know why I feel the need to explain myself all the time, if I would just get to the point, conversations with me would be a hell of a lot shorter.

Anyway, I was browsing online today, trying to figure out how to spend my tax money.  Let me tell you, I am terrible with money (and here I am, considering going back to school for accounting).  I pay all my bills, but the leftover goes to a number of things I don’t need.

One unnecessary thing I happen to love to buy is underwear.  I love frilly, printed, fancy, lacy, satin, silky, colorful underwear.  I haven’t always had this obsession.  Up through high school, I wore the multi-pack undies you could get at any department store.  Then, as a high school senior something changed…the “Thong Song” broke out.  After that, everyone was talking about thongs and visible panty lines.

One night, near the end of senior year, my group of friends made plans to go to the city, hang out at the mall, and go to a club (for the first time!).  Of course, we had to shop for clubbing clothes which at that time consisted of: slutty top and tight pants.  Now, having procured the aforementioned “clubbing uniform”, I was in need of underwear that would not lead to the dreaded “VPL”.  So, for the first time ever, I stepped into Victoria’s Secret.  I purchased a Body By Victoria leopard-print thong that was made out of a smooth, nylon material.  I went to the mall’s bathroom, changed, and I was hooked.  That following summer, I went to the semi-annual sale and purchased some more pretty panties, two of which, I still have.

My obsession was growing.  I’d make frequent trips to the mall and the Victoria’s Secret website to check out what new patterns they had created for the season.  Soon, boyshorts had arrived on the scene and of course, I had to get those.  Whenever I’d go  shopping, it always involved a visit to the underwear section.  And then, I got fat.

Pretty underwear became harder and harder to find as I gained weight.  So now, as I am at my all-time highest weight, I am back to buying the multi-pack from Target.  So how does all of this rambling about underwear relate to the title of this post? Well, as I mentioned above, I was browsing online today for items to buy with my income tax refund.  I went to one of my favorite shopping sites, HerRoom, to look for bras.  I actually do need bras now and HerRoom is one place where I can find a 42H cup.  I looked at bras and eventually started looking at panties when I found this:

Just look at all the pretty colors!

Just look at all the pretty colors!

Holy crap!  This thong is an “Undie Award Winner”!  It has a 4.5 star rating!  It comes in over 50 colors!  It is Italian!  IT IS ON SALE!!!!!  OMG!

I just coined the term “incentive purchase” for this *thong.  By incentive purchase, I mean a purchase that one buys as an incentive to make a positive change, in my case, an incentive to lose weight.  Perhaps I didn’t coin the phrase.  Maybe it’s been used before.  Anyway, I want this thong.  Should I buy a bunch of these in hopes of losing weight?  Ah, decisions, decisions.

*I should also mention that Hanky Panky makes a similar thong that I wouldn’t mind buying.

Electronic Cigarettes

In my last post, I spoke a bit about e-cigarettes.   Do a search for e-cigarettes and you’ll come up with hundreds of links for the devices.  It’s overwhelming.  I chose AquaVapor for one reason: the BBB approves of the company.  If the Better Business Bureau likes it then that is good enough for me.  I’m not going to advocate buying a certain brand, just do your research and find an e-cigarette that suits you. On January 10, I placed my order for the AquaVapor 510 One “Box Set with all the Trimmings”.  I also chose their premium eLiquid 200ml sample pack, because I like variety.  I selected the expedited shipping for only $6.95 and I received an email confirming my purchase.  Lo and behold, my package arrived two days later.   Now, without further adieu, the unboxing:

The package

The package

This is what's inside the package. As you can see, it's packed up very nice and secure.

This is what’s inside the package. As you can see, it’s packed up very nice and secure.


The premium starter kit box closed and open. An instruction booklet sits on top.

The premium starter kit box closed and open. An instruction booklet sits on top.


Inside the box sits a pack of 5 cartomizers - the mouthpiece which holds the liquid - and two batteries - one automatic and one manual.

Inside the box sits a pack of 5 cartomizers–the mouthpiece which holds the liquid–and two batteries–one automatic and one manual.

Everything that comes in the previous box. Two bottles of refill liquid, a 5 pack of cartomizers, the two batteries, the USB charger, and the AC adapter.

Everything that comes in the previous box. Two bottles of refill liquid, a 5 pack of cartomizers, the two batteries, the USB charger, and the AC adapter.


The accessory bag and its contents.  I did not select the faux Burberry case, I selected "fabric" and this is what I got.  There's a car charger, 10 more  cartomizers, and a USB cable.

The accessory bag and its contents. I did not select the faux Burberry case, I selected “fabric” and this is what I got. There’s a car charger, 10 more cartomizers, and a USB cable.

The 200ml of premium eLiquid.  I should point out here that the eLiquid in the box is  "medium nicotine" and the cartomizers and orange-capped eLiquids and cartomizers are "high nicotine".

The 200ml of premium eLiquid. I should point out here that the eLiquid in the box is “medium nicotine” and the cartomizers and orange-capped eLiquids are “high nicotine”.  The “flavors” are: Regular, Black Tobacco, Camal, Cappuccino, Caramel, Clove, Coffee, Double Mint, Fine 555 Tobacco, Flue Cured Tobacco Flavor, Irish Cream, Kahlua, Mint Chocolate, Red Energy, RY4, Salam Menthol, Vanilla, Virginia, Waffle,  and Wenston.  I can’t wait to try some of the more “exotic” flavors!

And finally, here's a picture of a cigarette battery charging.

And finally, here’s a picture of a cigarette battery charging.

I hope you enjoyed my e-cigarette unboxing.  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about the experience.  For the time being, why not enjoy this post of celebrities smoking e-cigarettes.

Come Shopping With Me!


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Actually, please don’t. I’m one of those people who likes to shop alone. Shopping can be one of those great, girl-bonding activities for some people. As for myself, I don’t really care what you want to look at or try on. I want to go alone, look at something stupid for a long time; pick up something, put it back, then pick it up again; try clothes on without someone waiting for me; and most importantly, I don’t want to see how good you look in whatever you’ve picked out.

I love to go shopping, I did a lot of shopping this week with my Christmas gift cards. I have this obsession with cosmetics and nail polish. Fortunately, this year, I got a $100 gift card to Ulta! I went New Year’s Eve day and spent it all. I also went to Old Navy, Target, and Avenue. This trip to Avenue is in a way, connected to this blog and my next resolution.

Let me tell you about Avenue. It’s like Lane Bryant or Fashion Bug Plus. It’s a fat-girl store. I don’t want to have to shop at “plus-size” stores anymore. Don’t get me wrong, Avenue has very nice clothes. But I want to shop at normal stores, not stores that specialize in full-figured clothes.

Take J. Crew. J. Crew is my most favorite store of all time! I have boxes and boxes of sweaters and shirts from J.Crew in storage. I can’t wear them now, but I’m hoping that with this healthy lifestyle that I intend to work on, I’ll be able to fit into my J. Crew clothes again.  My brother got me a $100 gift card for Christmas. I’m hoping it’s motivation enough to work on my weight problem.

This leads me to my most recent shopping experience, my trip to Walmart last night. I have never been a huge Walmart fan. The place is just so crowded and disorganized and I don’t have much patience for long lines. However, last night I went to the local Super Walmart because they have amazing deals on groceries. I did really, really well. I purchased lots of food for my next challenge. It was such an exciting trip, I can’t wait to share my next resolution with you!